A Letter To My 12 Year Old Self

Dear 12 Year Old Me, It’s 1997. You’re in a composite Year 5/6 class with none other than Jacob Sparkes. Somehow you both did all the Year 6 work last year, so you spend most of your final year of primary school unsupervised in a back room, flirting with none other than Jacob Sparkes. You […]

We Are All In This Together

Tonight I saw Ben Lee play live almost ten years after his album ‘Awake Is The New Sleep’ was my best friend for a while. If I wanted to write about that year I could write about lugging a backpack and Polish map, Or about riding a white horse bareback at sunset over a distant […]


Maybe it’s my catholic upbringing or that semester of semiotics at uni,   Or maybe   That straight run of green lights when I’m running late to the theatre, The ding in my car when I hit that letterbox being only minor, Those Tina Arena lyrics seeming very relevant, That leaf I found that looked […]

Strange and Wonderful

I wrote this a few hours ago while eating blowtorched pineapple salad at The Moat, a low lit restaurant with gold on the walls and dark red carpet. (You see what I did there? Setting the scene. #emerging ) It’s underneath the Wheeler Centre, where for the last hour I’d grinned with recognition as Jack Colwell […]

The Pilbara

I walk to the water for a more poetic place to weep Drenched in deet my feet still itch from midgie bites I got last week The moonlit ocean, the stars above, their romance interrupted Bright lights, long row of mining boats come for men and iron ore The silence goes, the hum is low […]


Dear Readers, Here’s a little bit of raunch for your Wednesday (hump day, eh?) afternoon. Considering I’m such a prude in ‘real’ life, this is about as explicit as I’m gunna get. So small children and grandmothers (How on earth did you end up here? Welcome! But srsly, go to bed!) perhaps skip this one, […]