Hello Stranger

Dear Reader,

Welcome. I hope you’ll end up liking it here. I’ve just moved in, so I’m still re-arranging the furniture. I’ve kept the design pretty basic so that nothing can distract you from the genius that will pour forth from these words. Ha.

I hope this little blog will maybe offer some solidarity to the single sisterhood/brotherhood out there. I aint promising a LOLfest but there’ll hopefully be a few laughs along the way too, mostly at my own expense.

But before I get into the hilarity, a few things points of interest to help you decide if you want to continue reading or not:

  1. This blog will catalogue my dating experiences during my time living in remote desert places in Australia. Oh, and that one time in Thailand… It will feature such characters as The German Carpenters and their Magic Bus, Meratti the Mobster who Discovered Art, The Puppeteer and The Pseudo-Cowboy at the Rodeo.
  2. Don’t read this if you: are offended by ‘colourful’ language; think pre-marital sex is a sin; are only reading for the ending when they finally kiss and live happily ever after (hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll keep you posted) or if you have romantic ideas that you wish to keep about living in peace and harmony with Aborigines in the desert (yeah, it’s a dating blog, but who knows where it could go! Politics! Sex! Drama! Ideologies! Philosophies! Baking!)
  3. It will start in the present and go back in time but jump around a bit
  4. It will have lots of lists, dot points, questionable grammar and probably use long words in the wrong context.

So I hope all the bullet points and bolding help you make your mind up. I mean, you got this far so it can’t be all bad right?

It’s probably best if you read this while you are drinking a cup of tea (I’ve heard it’s quite a relaxing thing to do), or eating an afternoon snack, perhaps sitting outdoors somewhere under a tree if you’re lucky enough to have a sweet backyard or a nice indoor couch with some ambient lighting. There. Now I have a lovely image of you, curled up with a cuppa and a blog, eh? Lovely.

Let me paint you an image of myself and my surroundings. I live in Western Australia, over in the very heart of our current mining boom. Mining is mostly everywhere and mostly everyone here. I live in a small town, well it’s not even a town, it’s got about 200 people with a caravan park, a general store, a bistro/tavern and a community hall. I’m going to call this town Beachville, because I’m paranoid this’ll turn up in a search engine and the guy at the general store will stumble across this blog, connect the dots and smirks at me every time I buy the newspaper (the Weekend Australian gets in at 2pm on a Sunday = seeyalater Saturday sleep ins reading the paper in bed) and the odd OMNI Champagne (did I mention I’m a woman of high class?). Oh, Beachville has a beach. Sounds sweet right? Even though you can only swim there on high tide and with a litre of mozzie repellant on, it’s still fairly sweet. Most of the people who hang out in Beachville are miners who rent here, retirees, tourists and a few families.

About 5 minutes away is a bigger town with about 2,000 people in it, a Woolworths, some ovals (which I can sometimes be seen running around when I go to Boot[y] Camp, a bank, a gym, a primary school, a pool (only open in ‘Summer’, the water temprature averages 30 degrees) and an outdoor cinema. It’s basically a Rio Tinto town, but a lot of families actually live there full-time. Let’s call this place Darcytown.
I work another 15 minutes down the road in an Aboriginal community on an arts project, which is why I’m here. Let’s call this town Schmoebs. It has about 900 people in it, two art centres, a high school and primary school, a youth centre, hospital, basketball court, general store and a BP.
If you keep going another 30-45 minutes (depends how many road trains you get stuck behind) down the road you’ll get to K-Hole, the nearest ‘real’ town with 27,000 people, 12,000 of whom are FIFO (fly in, fly out mining workers) a gym, a shopping mall called Centro which has a Target AND a Kmart, an Indian restaurant and a massive industrial area. It’s more than 1,000 ks north of Perth. We call it K-Hole because it’s a bit of a vortex. Even if you just go there to pick up a few things from Coles, before you know it, you’re wandering around the mall, dazed, confused and wondering where the last few hours of your life (and usually heaps of your cash) have gone. Maybe this is only a country phenomena- all the stimulating lights and colours of a mall just get overwhelming.

It’s pretty far away from anything else. For me to get to the east coast I spend a day in at least two planes.

As for me, I’m 26 and have been single for at least three years. I’ve lived in WA for almost a year, before then I lived in Alice Springs for about 3.5 years. Before that I lived in Bathurst for three years at university and I grew up in Canberra. Basically, a small town girl. There are lots of reasons why I love small towns, but mainly the lifestyle, the community, the interesting work and the creativity that thrives in these places.

There, now we’re acquainted, let’s get this story started…



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