Bad Date Great Story

I’ve been featured on Bad Date Great Story – my fave dating/comedy site in the US of A!

If you haven’t read about the time I went on a double date with guy’s mum then here it is in all its awkward glory, complete with a Kardashian picture and the wankiest bio of all time (written by me)!

desertdates has also hit 1,600 views! Booyah! I’m certainly feeling the desertdates love from y’all, Dear Readers! Please spread the love, share with a friend, sign up via email in the little box over there –>, join me on Facebook, feel free to comment on any post- I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve just returned from a delightful sojourn in the city and am back at work in Schmoebs. I’m drafting up some (hopefully) hilarious tales of some very awkward adventures. Meanwhile I’ve decided to reveal my identity and post a self portrait:


Self Portrait With Rocks. Taken about an hour’s drive from Schmoebs



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