Dates With Myself

I went on a date with myself this arvo. Nothin’ suss, just quality beach time.

The water was so clear the sunlight danced on the sand below me. I duck dived down to chase huge schools of hundreds of tiny silver fish. Little stripy fish and rock hugging ugly fish darted in and out.

There was a pregnant lady lying in a shade tent, there were terns and gulls and kids looking for Nemo through their snorkels. There were pot bellied men drinking beer in the shallows and bikini clad women sun baking on the sand.  I was doing laps with my rashie and foggy goggles, clearing them every ten seconds lest I mistake a stingray for an oyster covered bombie.

Beachville - where the desert meets the sea

Beachville – where the desert meets the sea

A few weeks ago we nearly had a cyclone. It never came. We got a week of drizzle and wind and it was cool enough to sleep without the air conditioner or the fan. It left behind a huge billowy cloud over the ocean with an electrical storm going on inside it every night for a week.

Sometimes when I drive over the bridge from Darcytown on a night with a full moon, I can see its reflection in the water. That magic silvery pathway to the horizon.

Some nights in winter if it’s cool enough I go running around the streets of Beachville (all 12 of them). I run and leap and air punch and click in time with the music on my iPod.

The sun shines here every day. Every single day. My commute to work is a ten minute drive through the desert, with rain and fire the country changes and huge eagles float above it all.

Some nights the sunsets are so beautiful that it’s worth coating myself in tropical extra strength mozzie repellant and venturing off for a solo stroll along the beach.


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