Great Dating Blogs Award

This should be on my blog for realz, instead of just a screenshot I uploaded...

This should be on my blog for realz, instead of just a screenshot I uploaded…

Dearest Readers,

I’ve been nominated* for a ‘Best Niche Blog Award!’ Surely I am nothing if not niche. Ridiculous dating stories from the middle of nowhere desert outback remote Australia? C’mon, pretty niche right there. So if you’ve liked my humble little blog enough to ‘like’ it on Facebook or subscribe by email, know that I already appreciate you very much but I’d appreciate it even more if you went one step further and clicked here to vote! Go on…

If you also feel like you might like to share a desertdate story or two with a friend, perhaps strengthen the solidarity of the single sisterhood or shout out to a mate who’s had a bade date, then Dear Readers, now is the time to share! I’d just about explode with appreciation. True.

For my New Readers, welcome strangers to the show! Start from the very beginning or feel free to peruse my newly categorised categories. If you’re into Online Dating, Speed Dating, Blind Dating or even if you’re a city slicker, there’s something for most people here and I hope something for you. Bon appetite dudes!

Oh, and don’t forget to….Vote now! Great dating blogs

*Not gunna lie, I nominated myself. But hey, gotta back yourself right?


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