A Princess, A Prince & A Lady Fly

Here is the first story I ever wrote. On the sides you can see my finger painting on the front cover.

My First Story

Prince + Princess + field + horse = romance, right? NO! BAM! DEAD! Take that conventional narrative structure! No cathartic happy ending here! Some ladies are bad! Haters gonna hate!

Here’s a later attempt.  I’ve gotten right into punctuation, capitalisations and I may also have just finished reading Dahl’s The BFG.

The Big Fly

The Big Fly Part 2

The Big Fly Part3

Enormous effort indeed! Upon reading this recently, my Dad wondered why I never grew up to write Mills & Boon novels. While I like that the Lady Fly was proactive and proposed, I have no idea how my stories went from double homicide to domestic bliss in the space of seven months.

I guess if we’ve learnt anything from my 1991 literary achievements, it’s that life is unexpected. Some day you might get killed by a bad lady on a horse in a field, some day you might have an extremely abnormal growth spurt in your garden.


3 thoughts on “A Princess, A Prince & A Lady Fly

  1. And my son’s first story told at two and a half was this: Once upon a time there was a little boy. He went for a walk in the park to feed the ducks. The ducks ate him.

    Pretty much on a par with lady killing prince and princess don’t you think! x Kathy

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