Secret Smiles

Dear Readers,

If you’re following me on Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve been a busy lass. But, I hear you ask, where are all the blog posts full stories of my recent outrageous dating adventures? Why, I hear you protest, are we reading stories about the guy you didn’t kiss 16 years ago, rather than stories about guy you kissed last night? I hear you asking…


I hear you, Dearest Readers (and Marvin), I hear you! I’m sorry! Let me justify myself in a numbered list, then briefly update you in dot point format.

Let me explain why I’m a bit behind:

1. I like to let things simmer. I usually wait a few days before posting anything I’ve written, to give me some time to reflect and make sure I’m not subjecting you to emotional vomit.

2. I like to write well. Something exciting may happen, but if I’m not happy with how I’ve turned my real life experiences in an easily digestible short narrative piece, I’ll re-write until it’s fit for your reading pleasure.

3. I like to let the men I’m writing about know that I’ve written about them. If I have some way of contacting them I’ll show them a draft and only post if they approve. Like this guy, who was flattered. If anonymity is the only way I can authentically tell the story, I disguise their identity, or if I can’t get in touch with them, like this guy. Therefore, I can’t really write about the guy I’ve just been on a date with, because then I’d have to show him my innermost feelings about that date, and thus jeopardize my chances of potential future dates.

4. This is my real life. While the whole point of this blog is to openly share my experiences, there are some things that are too special to share. I like smiling to myself sometimes. I am looking for love. At the end of the day, this is what I want more than better blog stats and this is why I’m in the city.

Speaking of sharing my experiences, here’s a dot point list of cool shit that’s happened, that will be potentially elaborated upon later:

  • After four glorious dates (with the same guy) which involved art galleries, ice creams in parks and dancing, I finally kissed the guy, only to be told that my “technique” was “interesting.”
  • A totally babin’ photographer took my photograph in a phone booth on Brunswick Street
  • I’ve entered a letterbox liaison with a lovely neighbour

Thank you for your patience Dear Readers. As every single reality tv show ever in the world says, it’s a journey, thanks for going on it with me. For your comments, likes, emails, getting excited with me, sharing my joy, my disappointments, my bewilderment and my learning. I am lucky to have such a virtual cheer squad to share my stories with!

In this spirit of gratitude, I want to give special thanks to a stranger.  A stranger who is one of you, Dear Readers. A lady (who I have never met) read this blog, thought of a single male friend of hers, thought of me, thought we should meet, contacted me and put us in touch. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that writing a blog about bad dates would actually GET me a date, or that the blind date would actually be good and end in an icecream flavoured small streetside kiss!

Yes, Dear Readers, the world is full of unexpectedly lovely surprises! Some of them I’m keeping for myself, but know that I am smiling to myself in the shops, on the tram and right now as I type these words.


7 thoughts on “Secret Smiles

    • You never say “That’s an interesting haircut.” It’s not a great adjective. I didn’t know there was one way you’re supposed to kiss people! I thought everyone just made kind of made it up as they went along!

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