City | Country


I love city life.


I love the stimulation, the lights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the dancing, the people.


I love walking everywhere.


I love letting my hair out and feeling it bounce on my bare shoulders as I strut through the city in time with the music on my iPod, in heels and a denim jacket.


I love walking to the shops whenever I like.


I love drinking tap water and having cold showers on warm days. I love buying a ripe peach then eating it in Carlton Gardens. Especially when the low evening sun is streaming golden through the bright green leaves as wedding photos are taken, dance crews rehearse, hipsters picnic, ducks frolik and Slavik Pancake Festivals exist.

Carlton Gardens

I love getting the tram. I love crossing the road at Flinders Street Station. All those people, all in one place, all going somewhere. I feel part of the human race. I love being around different looking people. I love meeting people I’ve never seen around town before. I love getting to know them, becoming their wing-woman, their friend or their date. I love the nervous excitement of dating. I love that I have faces to put in my daydreams now.

I love walking to the gym and doing a Body Balance class. I love going to the cinema, the art gallery and the theatre. I love learning new dance styles, how to write, meditate and direct better.

I love that I can go to my cousin’s 6th birthday and my auntie’s 50th. I love that I can see my mum, dad, brother and grannie within a day of driving, whenever I like. I love seeing my friends’ faces, spending time and dancing with them.

I love dancing. With other people. On a dancefloor.

In the desert I only dance when my housemates are out and I’m washing up, or when I’m running at night. It takes a day in a plane to see anyone, maybe three times a year. In the desert I drove everywhere, except down to the beach in a thick layer of deet at high tide. In the desert I wore thongs, shorts, a tee shirt and ponytail every day and ate only microwaved Pitango. In the desert I saved up errands and drove 45 minutes to town to do one big grocery shop of unripe fruit and veggies every week.

I do love desert life.

I love the quiet calm of the country.

Beachville at dusk

I love the Spinifex gold in the desert dusk before the clouds explode with colour.

I love the clear blue water and white sand of the empty beaches.

I love doing meaningful work. I love being around the nannas and the kids. I love bumping into everyone I know all the time. I love reading books at night and watching tv with my housemate and getting excited if there is something else to do.

I love the contrasts, the challenges and most of all, the small miracles.

I love that I can live in both worlds.


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