Welcome Strangers

blogging out bush

Blogging out bush somewhere off the Stuart Highway

Dear Readers,

Welcome, welcome to you, you fabulous New Readers! Who knows how you stumbled across this place? Perhaps you’ve been trawling WordPress? Perhaps you saw a note on the back of a toilet door at a hippie festival in a riverbed near Alice Springs? Perhaps one of my fabulously intelligent and physically attractive Dearest Readers directed you here? Perhaps you really genuinely want to know about edible dates that grow in arid regions!

For whatever reason, I’m so glad you’re here. Apologies for the lack of medjools. Come on in, grab a cuppa (if you’re into that kind of thing) (FYI I’m not) (so if you’re considering asking me for a coffee date, make sure there’s juice on the menu) settle in and let me show you around.

You can find out more about me and me blog here 

You can start from the very beginning here

You can read about my disastrous dates in the desert here, or about my mishaps meeting men in Melbourne here

You can read the one good poem I ever wrote about Alice Springs here or skip to the erotic bush poetry here (you dirty thang you!)

Thanks for dropping by, I do hope you enjoy your stay. I’d be ever so thrilled if you joined me on the ol’ book of faces or subscribe below.

Kindest Regards,



2 thoughts on “Welcome Strangers

  1. Hii Desertdates Dee…
    Your have a great sense of innovation.
    I am a single dad and have been trawling through internet singles sites only to be led down dead ends. Scammers are everywhere.
    I like your zest in your voice and in your approach.
    If your ever around Muwillumbah way lets do coffee / juice. 🙂

    • G’day Ward!
      Thanks for the juice offer, afraid I’m not often/ever in Muwillumbah!
      Yes, I’ve learnt to sniff out the scammers over the years- gotta stay safe. Have you tried OKCupid? I’ve found it the most thorough and the search by keyword function is super fun.
      Good luck with your dating adventures!

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