Maybe it’s my catholic upbringing or that semester of semiotics at uni,


Or maybe


That straight run of green lights when I’m running late to the theatre,

The ding in my car when I hit that letterbox being only minor,

Those Tina Arena lyrics seeming very relevant,

That leaf I found that looked just like it was from The Red Tree,

The chorus kicking in on my iPod as the sun bursts through those clouds as I run,

That hail coming down just minutes after I got the sheets off the line,

My shampoo and laundry detergent running out just before I leave this house,

That pimple near my lip disappearing the day just before the bush dance,

That orchid starting to bloom just outside my bedroom window, that I’d never noticed until now, as I sit waiting for a knock on the door from the boy that I like,

Are all signs from the universe

Telling me that everything’s going to be ok

In fact

It’s probably going to be






5 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. …or that car I landed upside down into a ditch the day before it was full of storm water…or that kangaroo that jumped just high enough to only leave nail marks as it struck my helmet on it’s way across the highway…yeah, the Universe resonates, man!

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