The last few months in pictures

Coming from the desert, Melbourne city was a strange landscape.

I looked up a lot and sometimes felt like I was visiting from some other planet.

Melbourne Federation Bells

Melbourne CBD

St Kilda, Melbourne

Melbourne Birrarung Marr

Melbourne city

Melbourne Suburbs

When I left the city I stashed my dress up boxes in my friends garage and put the rest of my life in the boot of my car.

I drove onto a boat and woke up in Tasmania. It was wild and wet and windy and cold and green. I had forgotten about things like frost and fog. I went to a rainforest and looked down a lot at little things.

tasmania mushrooms

rainforest mushrooms




sunset tasmania

Then I unpacked my books, hung up my hat and stuck up my photos on the walls of rooms in 4 other states and 3 more timezones. I went to the desert and the city and ended up camping on an island where there were turtles and birds.

Sometimes I snorkelled and looked down at the whole other world down there.

Snorkelling, Great Barrier Reef

turtle tracks

Beach sunset great barrier reef

I stared at sunsets until my mind went blank and I had no thoughts.


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