The Author Part 2: A Love Letter

We spent that night and the following day in bed. “When I leave,” he said “I’ll just be a book on your bookshelf. I’ll put your business card in my memorabilia box.” Before he flew out the next morning, I wrote him a letter, stuffed it in an enveloped, put it in his bag and told him to read it on the plane. It’s a bit saucy (not to mention terribly corny), so aunties maybe tune out now, you won’t miss any of the narrative, because the narrative does continue, oh man does it continue…


Throw away my business card.

Remember me by this instead:

A love letter

From my body to your body.


From my lips to your lips

From my hands to your hands

From my face to your face


From my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, my mouth, my ears

From my shoulders, my arms, the palms of my hands and my fingers

From the small of my back and the curves of my hips

From my neck, my chest, my breasts and my nipples and my tummy

And my body will remember your body

Being wrapped around it

Being inside of it


Long after the rash on my chin, the red mark on my behind and my aching jaw

Long after the echoes of whispering, giggling, laughing, sighing, panting, groaning

Long after the warm, the soft, the hard, the wet


Our hearts and our brains

Still catching up with what our bodies know.

Our bodies will remember

But just in case, take two things home with you,

And in your keepsake drawer

Put this love letter

And a little piece of my heart

And remember me by these instead


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