The Author: Epilogue

Dear Readers,

Happy 2015! I’m sure I’ll write something about last year but meantime something exciting is happening! For the very first time, I am being blogged about! By a fella I blogged about! The Author speaks! You can read his side of the story!

If you’ve just tuned in, back in May I met The Author at a writers festival. After the dust had settled I wrote about our adventures, emailed them to him to see what he thought, then once he gave the OK I posted the epic four part saga.

I wrote about how we met here. He wrote his version of events here.

I wrote about our budding romance here. He wrote about it here.

I wrote about our Tasmanian tales here and how we parted here. It’ll be rather fascinating to read his side of those particular stories…

I hope you did something or nothing last night to bring in the new year and that you are reading this after a satisfying sleep in or post-breakfast nap.

Thanks for being part of this,


carlton gardens

Carlton Gardens, my favourite place in Melbourne


2 thoughts on “The Author: Epilogue

  1. Hey DD, still enjoying a morning cuppa after a quiet night with my Queen and teenagers…the simple stuff works for me these days. Looking forward to reading the Authors take on things. Have an awesome day 1 and a huge year. BTW FYI, it’s gonna be 38 in Hedland today…you miss us yet? Love yer work, keep it up. Respect REDdog

  2. He’s already written about us meeting, but yeah I can’t wait to see his take on Tassie. Hey, 38 aint so bad! I remember the Christmas before I moved up there a few years back it was 52! Thanks for your support, have a good one!

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