The Author: The Saga Concludes

Well this has been quite the journey hasn’t it Dear Readers? I hope you’ve found it as intriguing as I have to read both sides of the story from two different writers, making your own assessments of the ‘truth.’ Here are the final chapters of this epic tale.

You can read both of our perspectives on how we met and wooed one another in Parts 1 & 2 here.

In Part 3 I wrote about our adventure across the high seas of the Bass Strait here and The Author has written his own account of the journey here.

In Part 4 I wrote about what went down in Tasmania here and The Author has told his side of that story here, concluding with a nice set of life lessons for y’all and offers a neat suggestion as to why I am still single after six years of singledom.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are, feel free to comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.


5 thoughts on “The Author: The Saga Concludes

  1. Holy snappin’ duck shit DD, you can pick ’em Darl! I think the main problem might lie with your spectacularly differing definitions of “manly” and “rugged”…maybe a trip to the Pilbara would sort that out?

    Anyway, mate, don’t take it too hard that it took a woman you’d only known a month to teach you some of life’s important lessons that your ol’ man probably should’ve filled you in on as a teen…better late than never.

      • Rugged, maybe, but manly? I doubt that, maybe a little more choosy perhaps, after all when the shielas are outnumbered something like 25:1 and 24.5 of those blokes are complete peanuts, it’s gonna have a direct impact on future choices, right? I think the Author maybe doesn’t see himself the way you saw him is all…poor bugger.

  2. I was at EWF too, where’s my romantic romp??? But all in all, I really enjoyed this series! And I found myself siding with your version more, perhaps it’s more of a “womanly bias” of sorts, but yeah, I think the Author’s desperate attempts in winning you over led to the series’ deflating / anti-climatic conclusion.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed! My tip for meeting people at festivals/conferences is to sit next to people sitting alone. But hey it clearly didn’t work out, so maybe don’t take tips from me…

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