2014: January (How To Three Point Plan Your Life)

At the end of 2013 I had been in the desert for five years. I wasn’t getting any less single and I wanted to nurture parts of my life that weren’t my work. At work I decided I was done with producing other people’s art, I wanted to make my own. I wanted to be a director. I was also done with learning things and doing well at things that I didn’t truly feel proud of. I knew that no university course or job or mentor was going to teach me everything I wanted to learn. So I figured out a budget and saved up enough money so that I could eat, see shows and pay rent without having to work for six months. I’d take control of my own learning. I bought a Beyonce ticket and moved to Melbourne the weekend of the concert.

Beyonce Live in Melbourne

Once 2014 kicked around I realised I owned all my own time. While there’s a great freedom in being your own boss, it also means you’re only accountable to yourself. So I made a three point plan and draw dots to keep track of what I was excelling at and what needed more focus. The first KPI was relaxing and re-energising:

life goals

I started going to a weekly free meditation session with a hip English Buddhist monk in Fed Square, got myself some Virtues Cards, wrote in my journal, joined a gym, read, went dancing once a fortnight, explored, socialised and made frequent trips back to Canberra and Sydney to see my family.

The second point was exploring my own creativity:

life goals

I wrote, read old uni text books, joined various industry networking things, saw heaps of shows, did a short directing course at NIDA, went to the Emerging Writers Festival, got internships with Circus Oz and with a high school physical theatre show in Tasmania, took burlesque classes, performed in a cabaret, spoke to my work about doing a Forum Theatre project and went to Alice Springs to talk about the hip hop circus project. By the time the year ended pilots of both projects were locked in. I’m pretty lucky to work with two incredible companies who want to invest in my development.

The final (and best documented) dot point was of course, love:

life goals


Y’all know what happened with that particular point…


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