Dear Readers,

This blog is more than two years old. This is my 72nd post. I’ve written about 36,000 words.

If you’ve just joined the journey or been reading since the start, if you’ve posted a comment here, or liked one of my mid-date live updates on Facebook, or subscribed (see below) and get posts in emails, thanks. Thanks for making me feel like I have my own personal cheer squad on dates and for helping framing my attitude to dating as “Well, if it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll get a good story out of it.” Sharing my bad dates with you made me feel half as shit about them. Thanks for sticking with me when I ventured into erotic bush poetry, wrote about things other than dating and got into photography.

Thanks for the messages you sent me privately and publicly after the The Author saga ended recently. It was a fascinating exercise that made me think a lot about truth, masculinity, maturity and common courtesy. If my words are any kind of legacy living forever in cyberspace, I want them to be dedicated to more than discussions of how many éclairs I did or didn’t eat.


There are a few more little moments and stories leftover from last year to tell. I want to clean out the closet before writing anything new this year. I’m moving to north west Tasmania in 48 hours. I don’t reckon I’ll go on many dates, but I want to keep writing.

Anyway. Just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks for making me feel like the stories I have are worth telling. Your kindness makes it easy to openly tell my truth.


fitzroy gardens


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