Letterbox Liaisons Part 3 (Feb 2014: Melbourne)

The night after Letterbox Liaison Lad’s movie night, I went on a blind date set up by one of you, a very Dear Reader who I’ve never met! This Reader contacted me on Facebook, asking if it was ok to give my email address out to a single friend of hers, a primary school teacher she thought might be a good match for me. I agreed and that day The Teacher and I emailed each other back and forth seven times! Highlights included acknowledgements of the awkwardness of the situation (being set up by someone I’ve never met), willingness to engage in rhyming responses, use of the word ‘soz’, puns about ice cream and swearing. Seemed pretty ideal.

I met The Teacher on a Monday night at the Kodiak Club in Fitzroy, which had ambient lighting, excellent music and not too many people. Ideal. The conversation flowed and the laughs were loud and numerous. Ideal! He was into drawing comics and it happened to be his birthday. Then we went to N2 for icecream and held hands. It was so ideal that we kissed on a street corner, said we’d like to see each other again then parted ways.

The very next day I got a text from LLL inviting me to the movies that night! When it rains it pours!

As I walked over to LLL’s house I wasn’t sure if this was a date or friend hang out. After watching ‘12 Years A Slave’ at NOVA we got Brunetti cakes and ate them in the park #socarltonrightnow. It got cold so we went to his place for soda water (me) (party water!) and tea (him) and yarned about dating with him and his housemate. I told them about my Melbourne three point plan but neglected to mention the third point.

The following week I dropped a note in LLL’s letterbox saying ‘The third point of my three point plan is to go on dates. So… Do you wanna go on a date with me?” Five days later he sent me a Facebook message saying he’d prefer to be friends. A day later, I got an email from The Teacher. He would also prefer to be friends. A day later, I tried to take myself to Los Amates Mexican restaurant. They didn’t even prefer to be friends, they just told me they were too busy for a table for one, even though I could see two empty tables in the background. It was Valentine’s Day.  I stared at her blankly for a few seconds then turned and walked away with my head down so no one could see my eyes watering.

When it rains it fucken pours, eh?


9 thoughts on “Letterbox Liaisons Part 3 (Feb 2014: Melbourne)

  1. Aw jeez… can’t believe this was all nearly a year ago.

    But when it DD rains it pours, and we’re all enjoying that now aren’t we!

    How’s Wynyard? Things are looking good for me and Mazzy in feb sometime… will let you know.


    • Wynyard is welcoming and wonderful. There was a rainbow at sunset yesterday and today an anarchist gardener helped me pull up potatoes aplenty!

      PS: LLL is writing his own response as we speak!

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