You’ve not been forgotten

Dearest Neglected Readers,

I have two small snippets of news which will have to suffice instead of a proper post:

1. I have deleted all of my online dating profiles. Oasis and RSVP hit the dust years ago, but after two less than impressive Tinder dates in Tasmania I recently deleted the app. Yesterday I deleted OKCupid. Both times I felt instantly lighter. It’s over to you now universe.

2. I have been avoiding writing. There’s a big story from last year I haven’t written about yet but I didn’t know where to start and it scared me. Tonight I finally sat down and pumped out 2,448 words. I haven’t got to the end bit yet. None of those words were about dates. It’s going to take me a little while to craft this story properly- I gotta get it all out first, then structure it, then cut the crap out of it so you’re left with nothing but solid gold. Ha.

So, three questions, loyal members of the DD community:

A) Will you still be around when I finish this thing? Even if it takes a while?

B) Will you even wanna read something that’s not about dates? It might not be funny either?

C) This blog has strayed far from it’s original purpose (I no longer live in the desert or go on many dates) but it’s youse who motivate me to keep writing, so I’m keen to know how far I can take y’all on this journey. So… *cue daggy voice over from a parent in the 90’s who has just discovered the internet* You’re invited to participate my first ever super fun online survey! You can tick more than one box! Box ticking bonanza!

I’d love to hear from you, so please click something on the poll above, comment away down below or join the convo on Facebook, just search for ‘desertdates’ on FB if that link didn’t work. So many interactive options!

Thanks y’guys,

Fondest Regards,


PS: I am gunna live in Tasmania for at least another year. Everywhere here looks like a real pretty picture, but here is just one:



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