Unguarded Moments

If you measure a life by the love you give and get then I am rich indeed

I was with my grandmothers when they both died last month

There are two less people in the world who have loved me since my first breath

I watched their last breaths
From the ends of hospital beds
Both were quiet moments
Silent and still and quiet and somehow beautiful

Death is one thing
Funerals are another
Learning to live life again is another

It’s in quiet solitary unguarded moments that I realise

I am no longer a granddaughter

I have no elders, they are no longer here. Not only not with me, but not here at all.

In quiet moments I remember that love I got. The love I gave.

The love that still grows between us who are left,

Between us all who received that same love and now share it with each other.
Yes I am rich indeed.

river photo


2 thoughts on “Unguarded Moments

  1. Awww bloody hell make me tear up in my nursing chair with my boobs out in the dark at crazy o’clock whydontcha xxxxxx

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