Liffey Falls


tasmania rainforest


I walk down through tunnels of green with sunlight on ferns

I find a perfect red leaf on the path

I hear the wind through the tall trees, the gentle thud of pademelons bounding away and the massive power of the waterfall crashing and pounding


Further downstream I sit on a log and close my eyes and breath in and out


liffey falls waterfall tasmania


I listen to the trickle of creek water over rocks and little twitters of unseen birds


There is no other way to say it:

My heart just bursts


This big feeling just fills me up and I feel it flowing out of my chest and being lifted up with the wind and the shade and the tall trunks that reach the sky

I am floating through the forest

The feeling fills me up in a way I don’t remember in the desert

This land, where everything is so close you don’t even have to reach out to touch it

It’s all just



I feel welcome here.




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