Good Things About Dating In The City In Summer

If you find yourself stranded at a bar holding a spare ticket to a show because a man has stood you up for a third date, here are some things you should do:

1. Phone a friend who lives nearby and who will gladly take your spare ticket

2. Go in and get a good seat

3. When the friendly woman next to you strikes up a convo, proceed to tell her the story about how you met this guy and you thought that going to a storytelling gig would be a good third date and how you were both excited about it and how unambiguous and definitely confirmed your plans were but how you’re now here temporarily alone.

4. If that friendly woman tells you to share the story with the rest of the audience, take her advice and put your name in the hat.

5. When your friend arrives take courage and solace from her.

6.When your name gets pulled out of the hat, get up and tell your story. Don’t make it about him. Make it about you and your ambitious search for love. Make it about the friendly woman and the kindness of strangers.

You never know, this might just happen:


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