The Greatest Love Story I’ve Ever Told

Dear Readers,

Last night I went on a date with a man who instigated a game of ‘Guess Which Song This Darren Hanlon Lyric Comes From’ with me over text. The museum was open late so we ate tacos in Carlton Gardens and then bantered under the bones of dinosaurs.


But that story feels to fresh to tell, it’s still being figured out. But it did prove that cute dorks do exist on Tinder- so to all my Dearest Readers who are also single – it’s just a bloody numbers game. Just keep swiping and having lame online conversations and even lamer real life conversations and every now and then some potentially interesting shit happens. Or maybe it won’t. Who knows. It’s early days and I don’t need to be certain yet. I don’t need to engage in over analysing every single conversation topic, gesture, kissing style etc. What I need is a 2nd date. Which is always exciting!

Look, I know this is teasing, and I’m only a little bit sorry about that, but I’m truly sorry that on top of teasing I’m now asking a favour.

I’m returning to The Moth on Monday night to throw my name in the hat for another chance at telling another story. Last month I spontaneously entered and improvised a story about how I’d been stood up that very night. I’ve got a little bit more time to think about a story this time though. The theme this month is ‘Love Hurts’. I KNOW! THERE COULDN’T BE A MORE APT THEME! I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH STORY TO TELL!

I only have 5 minutes, so I’m keen to edit and rework a story that has appeared here. I’d really bloody appreciate your help deciding which one to work on though! Here’s a bit of a shortlist of stories I think could work well succinctly spoken aloud, but I need some outside eyes/minds/hearts. If you’ve got time to vote for your fave in this poll it’d be super helpful. I’ve included links to them below if you need reminding, and if you’re new – here’s a handy highlights package of the last 5 years! Then you can vote too!

I really hope you’re all having truly excellent weekends. I’m baking my first ever gluten free chocolate cake that appears to actually be rising, whilst sipping some tea made of melaleuca leaves. City living!

Thanks heaps for your help Readers!

With Appreciative Regards,


The Hit List

  • Austrian Bricklayers in the Pilbara: the first story I ever told on this here blog about electrifying elbow contact, Pilbara desert dune sunsets and a magic bus (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Terrible Sex in Alice Springs: about another sunset, this time on Anzac Hill, butter chicken cooked from scratch, gold earrings and a motorbike (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Rodeo Romance at Harts Range Station: the true story behind the first erotic bush poem about a psuedo cowboy, a bushdance, a blue dress and a single swag (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Intergenerational Double Date: that time I went on a double date with a dude and his mum at the casino in Alice Springs (here)
  • Inner City Speed Dating: begins south of the Yarra and ends up in the newspaper (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • The Spirit of Tasmania: I met a handsome writer at a writers festival and tried to woo him on a boat. (Proper links this time to the meeting Part 1, the love letter Part 2, the interstate adventure Part 3 and the farewell Part 4)
  • Letterbox Liaisons: in which cute letters are exchanged with the cute boy next door (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)
  • Whisky With A Childhood Crush: in which I bump into my babin’ crush from primary school at a cider farm in Tassie and he introduces me to whisky (there was only 1 Part)




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