Things I have been doing that are not dating

  • Researching the hell out of teaching critical and creative thinking dispositions and submitting the essay last night at 11.59pm
  • Learning about Communities of Inquiry at a Philosophy for Children course
  • Leading some back up dancers for a mate’s music video, following the brief “get dressed up and do weird shit in a field”
  • Giving my bro and his girlfriend the Condensed Best Of Melbourne Tour
  • Playing tennis and having picnics afterwards eating takeaway Moroccan Soup Bar in Edinburgh Gardens
  • Pondering the meaning of life over dinner or on the phone with old mates
  • Tending my pot plants
  • Putting on a nice vintage frock and these ridiculous shoes from my godmother and listening to music and feeling the sun on my face as I wait for the tram to take me to the theatre for a date with myself
  • Thinking big thoughts about love and reconsidering my approach to dating and looking forward to telling y’all about it soon x


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