Top 5 Posts of 2015

Dear Readers, Welcome to 2016 y’all! I spent my first waking hours of the first day of this year crawling out of a tent on top of a mountain and looking at the sun rise over the Brindabella Ranges. I took some photos, sat on a rock for a bit and tried to meditate, ate muesli, then […]

Schmoebs (August 2014)

  Today I floated in the ocean I let it take me where it wanted me to go Which wasn’t far at all But I gave in anyway   Then I shat, showered and shaved and did my hair and put on a dress To go over the road to watch a footy game I didn’t follow on […]

Flying Back West (July 2014)

How many times have I crisscrossed this country? I love long flights. I love long train trips and drives too but right now I’m in the air again. Above the world, separate from real life. Suspended in time and space. Needless fussing limited by battery life and baggage space.   I finish reading Josh Santospirito […]

Silent Speed Dating (May 2014)

Everyone’s sitting on rugs and cushions on the floor in the back of a Brunswick yoga studio. They’ve got the same scorecards and name tags as regular speed dating. A shorter guy with smiley eyes arrives late. I hope I get paired with him. I get paired up with everyone except Smiley Eyes Guy and […]

2014: January (Art)

Lately I have almost wept three times At sublime beauty Moments of perfection   Last week at the theatre when shadows of bodies made a jellyfish Gently pulsate And swim to the surface When two women in white dresses twirled around the heads of men White spinning lilies on a green pond backdrop   Yesterday […]