Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome! This blog used to be about dodgy dates I went on in the desert. Then I moved to the city. I also post (often whilst on actual dates) a fair bit on Facebook so like the hell outta that here.

Here is a bit about me:

I am a 33 year old single lady. I have lived in small towns most of my life. For the last few years my work has meant that those small towns have been in pretty remote places in the desert or where the forest meets the sea. Sounds exotic, eh? Kinda. But the manscape was fairly sparse and the blokes I’ve dated have been fairly interesting to say the least. I now live in Melbourne and have regular jaunts to the country.

For more about me and the tiny town I lived in when I started this blog, check this out: Hello Stranger.

I have cuddled a carpenter in his Magic Bus, been swept off my feet by a breakdancing Mormon and a Lao puppeteer, been on the world’s shortest ever date and double dated somebody’s mother. I am self-described Horseriding Fisherwoman, constantly Getting Back On The Horse and fishing for those Plenty More Fish In The Sea. I’m going to canter along on that damned horse whilst casting my fishing rod out into a nearby river, or sit on a horse on a fishing trawler. Either way, I’m not giving up and hopefully my unfortunate stories will at least amuse some of you along the way.

There’s a fancy subscribe box somewhere down the bottom, so pop your email address in and I’ll pop up in your inbox sporadically. I do so love to hear from you, Dear Readers, so comment your hearts out!

Fondest of regards,



18 thoughts on “About

    • Hi aaron,

      I’d start by creating an online dating profile on OKCupid, making sure you add a range of photos of yourself that show different sides of your personality. Make sure you answer plenty of questions and fill out your profile honestly and optimistically.
      Don’t use the phrase ‘I’m not scary’ because people will immediately think you are.

      Also try speed dating, it’s good to practice talking to strangers. Join a few interest groups on Meetup.

      It takes a lot of time and you gotta be thick skinned and deal with rejection. Really, you shouldn’t be taking my advice though, none of the above have worked for me (yet).

      Good luck with your search!

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